10 Tips to Protect your Positive Vibes and Energy

Let’s find out how you can protect your positive vibes and energy from all the negative energy surrounded in the world.

Science has already proven the theory of happiness that how it is self-made and within our control, A choice or a decision we have to make.

Science has also proven that it is in our hands to change our life by changing our mindset, our attitude towards life, and the way we live our life.

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Even if we know that happiness and positive vibes start within ourselves but many of us still depend on other people or on external factors for our happiness.

The main reason behind someone’s happiness is the only factor that they don’t depend on others for their happiness and make work on themselves to create happiness and positive vibes and energy.

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There are many ways to protect your positive vibes and energy, how people have a positive outlook towards life and live in the moment. How can you bring positive energy to your life, stay happy, and have positive thoughts? Let’s discuss some more.

Stop Comparison to Protect your Positive Vibes and Energy

Positive people are aware of their individuality and instead of comparing themselves with others, they choose to celebrate it.

These kinds of people embrace the fact that we are unique for a reason and we all have different definitions of life. That is how we all contribute by our individuality in different ways.

illustration of weighing machine Comparison to Protect your Positive Vibes and Energy

People who are content don’t try to take participate in every race. They know that every human possesses their talent should be focused on that only. They made peace with the fact that they can’t be or do the things other people are doing.

They understand that there will always be someone who is better than them and accept this fact and are okay with it.

Don’t talk negatively about themselves

Happy people focus on positive things instead of negative thoughts. They try to avoid talking about negative things about themselves or others. So, they choose to surround themselves with energy healers and high vibrational people.

Happy people don’t seek other people much so they are their own source of motivation and their own biggest cheerleader. They view themselves as positive sources and try to spread positive energy to other people and spread their positive vibes.

Don’t seek other people’s approval or validation

One of the main qualities of happy and positive people is that they are self-aware and happy with themselves and what they have. They are content and self assure of whatever they are. They keep trying to grow themselves regards other people’s judgments. They don’t seek approval or validation in their life.

dont seek for others approval to protect your positive vibes and energy

Don’t wallow in self-pity

Playing the victim when things are not going right is the easier way. Happy and positive people don’t see themselves as the victim when something goes off track. Instead, they work hard on it to try harder to try to put their life again on the right track.

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They don’t allow themselves to become bitter

Spiritually positive people don’t hold anger towards anyone even if they have done so many mistakes. They choose the path of forgiveness and don’t allow other people to pull them into the drama and negativity they spread. They choose to spend time on positive things and ignore and forgive the people who have hurt them.

Mystically positive souls also forgive themselves for their mistakes. They don’t allow the negativity of their past and the bad choices they have to affect their present and try to pay attention and be a better human.

Don’t depend on others for happiness

As we have already discussed above that happiness can only be found within. So the reason why people have anxiety and depression nowadays is they are looking for happiness in the wrong place. They are looking for it around the world instead all of it is inside of them.

People can do make you feel good but that happiness is not permanent nor it is real. That’s a feeling which will fade with time but the happiness you will found inside of you will be stayed there always. It is yours and you can keep it forever.

It can be difficult to stay positive all the time but you have good faith to make it right.

They don’t take themselves too seriously

These kinds of positive and happy souls are also happy-go-lucky kinds of persons. They don’t take themselves or life seriously. They try to enjoy every moment they live.

They laugh at their own mistakes and learn from them. They always try to see positivity in every kind of situation. In whatever life throws at them.

They believe in the theory of what does not kills us, makes us stronger and there is always a good reason behind everything.

It does not matter what comes to their life, they choose to count their blessing rather than focusing on the negativity.

They don’t allow themselves to become slaves to their pasts

Happy souls don’t look back into their lives and worry about their past because they believe that what happened happens for a reason and whatever is ahead in their life is better than what they ever had.

They allow change the time has to offer and embrace everything with a positive mind. They don’t allow their past to spread negativity in their present and choose not to become the slaves of their past.

They don’t hold onto things that make them unhappy

Positive people know that holding onto things does not make them last longer. It only makes it harder to let go of the things which meant to be let go.

They choose to surround themselves with people and things that give them positive vibes and don’t hesitate to let go of the things which meant t to be let go.

Happy souls choose to dance in their own world and on their own beats. They don’t care about others or how others may see them. They don’t mind making their own rules and live their life on their own terms and conditions, others judgments do not matter to them.

These people do the things they love with love and choose to keep doing it no matter what the world says.

Happy souls don’t make friends to the people they can’t connect with which makes them sometimes seen separately to the others.

They are not afraid to put themselves above all

Usually, happy souls are the nicest people you met but they don’t mind putting themselves above when needed. They choose to be put their own mental health above everyone.

Positive people are positive because they choose to be positive even if they had to remove everyone from their life by prioritizing their own mental health.

They understand that one can make others happy only when they are happy with themselves. So they choose to make themselves a priority in order to service the world when it in need.

One of the main differences between happy and unhappy people is that happy souls choose to go after the things which benefited their life and mental health and allow themselves to enjoy life at its peak.

They believe that there is always room for improvement and work hard to achieve their goals.

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