How To Find Happiness And Peace Within Yourself

Every once in a while we feel lost and try to find our purpose and the meaning of life. Along with that question, we often ask ourselves if we really are happy or at peace? And if not so how to find the happiness and inner peace we are seeking. Here we will discuss in detail about this topic.

Have you ever thought about why you are not as happy as the person who is sitting next to you or the person you are following on social media? They seem to have a more exciting life and they look much happier than you have been in a long time? Maybe you have got everything anyone has ever dreamed of materialistically but yet to buy the inner contentment.

Happiness is something we all want in our life along with a caring life partner, money, and wealth but finding happiness in our daily life can be a very complicated task. We can all be happy but in today’s world our happiness depends on our surroundings and it plays an important role in affecting our emotional and mental state.

In this article, we will explore mainly what happiness is and how you can find happiness and peace within yourself. So let’s discuss the thing we are running after from the very start of our adult life which is happiness.

What is happiness?

To put it simply, happiness is a state of mind where we feel joyful and pleasant feelings.

What is happiness

According to my experience, happiness is something where people feel joy and delight intensely. We all know it is difficult to have that state of feeling in everyday life. There are different levels of happiness a person can experience. Happiness is not only about starting dancing and laughing daily, instead, but it should also be a state of mind where you feel delightful and at peace with yourself. And to me, peace of mind is more important than a few moments of happiness.

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What is contentment?

Contentment is the peace of mind where you are at ease with yourself and the world around you. You can also achieve that state of mind if you practice mindfulness which helps you to put your mind and body at ease.

What is contentment

We all deal with many difficult situations in our daily life and it can be helpful to practice mindfulness meditation to achieve contentment within yourself.

Make it a habit to practice feeling good with your mind and body and learn to be content with wherever you are whenever you get time in your busy life.

How to find happiness and peace within yourself

Now that we have discussed happiness and contentment, we will share some tips where you will learn to find happiness and peace within yourself. So here we are:

Stop Chasing Happiness

Yes, it might sound strange to you but it’s true. If you want to find happiness and peace, you have to stop chasing it because many people have connected happiness in terms of money and the goals they achieve and that’s not what happiness is. 

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By connecting happiness to these tasks, we make happiness a reward not an emotion. So instead of chasing happiness, be present at the moment and let yourself feel the happiness within yourself, and enjoy it whenever it comes to you.

Change your old patterns of thoughts about happiness

As we have discussed in the above point, happiness is not something we can connect to materialistic or external things. We need to change the pattern of our thoughts we have been taught since childhood like we have to study harder, do a good job, earn a lot of money, buy a car and you will find happiness. That’s all wrong.

By doing all these things, you will be connecting your happiness to these external factors but these feelings should generate within yourself. You will find happiness only when you will look inside rather than wait for external action to trigger it.

Try to control your thoughts and actions on how you approach happiness and instead of thinking of it as a difficult goal, think about the things that really make you happy on a daily basis. 

It can be the time you spend with your family or partner or maybe the time you use to do certain activities like painting, singing, writing, dancing, cooking, etc.

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And when you find out what really makes you happy then make it a habit to give it an hour to that activity on a regular basis.

Practice Looking inwards

As we have discussed, you can find happiness only within yourself. It does not mean that you will take a day off and spend a whole day with yourself and you’re gonna find it.

These things take a lot of patience and practice.

Practice looking inwards on a daily basis with the intention to find happiness within yourself. It does take a lot of time and effort but the result is worth it. You will start seeing changes within your mental state and attitude after a few weeks.

Learn to forgive

If we want to live a peaceful life, we also have to make changes in our behavior and thoughts. We all live a life surrounded by many people and we have to deal with them on a daily basis. Once in a while, we all have arguments with others and someone may have hurt her with their actions and words. You must learn to forgive them in order to maintain your peace of mind because keeping a grudge in your heart will only create chaos. So learn to forgive others for your peace of mind.

Tell the truth

Those little white lies. They are one of the most destructive forces in the world. Those lies make you feel like you are doing something good. But that’s not true. You are disguising the truth from your people for the fear of hurting them. You may think that it’s not a bad lie but a good lie but you know that it is also a lie. But you are just not ready to accept that.

If you are telling someone the truth, it simply means you don’t trust someone enough to be completely honest with them. You are afraid of losing them but you don’t understand when they are creating chaos by trying to prevent it. 

Maybe sometimes a lie can save someone but it will eventually be exposed. 

What would you feel like if you found out someone is constantly lying to you? Would you try to find out the reason or simply judge them for their actions? Exactly.

You don’t have to be brutally honest while telling the truth. You just have to use more of your communication skills and consider the emotions of others while telling the truth.

If someone asks you “Do I look fat in this dress?” Instead of “Yes” you can say that “This dress doesn’t look like it is made for you. Let’s try to find another one.”

When you use lies, they multiply. When you start a conversation with a lie, it will be filled with hundreds when you end it and you won’t remember when those small ones will be turned into the big ones and it will be all chaos in the end affecting your peace of mind.

If you want to be happy and make others too, you have to learn how to use honesty tactfully all the time. It will take some practice and time but when you see the results at the start, you will never turn back to the lies.

Slow it down

There is a friend of mine with whom I have been working for the last couple of years. His routine is crazy. He gets up at 4 am daily and does not go to bed until 11 pm. He energizes himself with stuff like coffee, sugar, and other energy drinks. I don’t know how he does that.

By sharing his routine I want to point out that our lifestyle is very hectic nowadays that we don’t have time to stop, relax and think.

When was the last time you took a vacation or spent quality time with your family? When was the last time you switched off your computer, phone, and other devices just to enjoy nature?

Sometimes all you have to do is press the reset button to enjoy a moment of happiness and peace of mind.

If our computer got stuck or not working properly, giving it a break and restarting it resolves most of the problems. The same thing applies to ourselves.

We all need to take breaks from time to time to work properly. Life is already moving fast enough so we need to slow it down from time to time and take a fresh breath.

Learn about yourself and your triggers

By triggers, we mean something specific that ticks you or makes you angry. Stress and chaos follow anger immediately. Even if you have learned to control your anger or the reaction it causes, that emotion still takes you to a place far from happiness and where inner peace does not exist.

It simply means you have found out what triggers you. Triggers can become anything. Some of the common triggers are loud noises and being treated in an inferior way.

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We all have a unique set of triggers that evolve from time to time. But triggers can also be added or deleted. 

It is why finding out your triggers and keeping a track of them is important so that you can step forward to find inner peace. Finding out the things that trigger you will help you to avoid those situations beforehand. It will also help you to find the coping skills which will help you to manage your anger more effectively.

Our anger is like an iceberg. People only get to see the tip of that iceberg and don’t know what is going on under the surface. Rest we have to deal with it and if you don’t deal with it soon, it will only get bigger with time and cause more chaos.

The purpose of keeping a track of your triggers is to understand them and keep them on your mind. So when it happens it will make it easier to identify them and you will learn how to find inner peace within yourself a little too often.

Make inner peace your priority

It may sound simple but it will take a lot of practice and awareness to create a new pattern of our habit. It will be difficult at the start and you may want to slip into your pattern but don’t lose hope. 

Suppose if your priority is your family overwork. So whenever you have to choose between them, you will choose your family. 

And even if unconsciously, you are choosing stress over happiness then it is what you are going to find more often. So how do you make inner peace your priority? 

Whenever making the list of your priorities, start taking your happiness and inner peace on the top. It will take time to get used to but eventually, you will start experiencing changes and won’t want to go back. You can take help from your friends and family. It will make things easier for you.

These were some of the ways which you can do to find inner peace and happiness and don’t worry if everything is still chaos and nothing seems to work out, just remember to keep breathing.

You don’t know what the future holds. All you have is today. And even if the gist of today seems chaotic, don’t forget every storm has a peaceful center.

Keep practicing these tips and you will learn how to find inner peace and happiness. 

Believe in yourself. Take control of your life and keep shining.

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