60 Money Heist Quotes & Dialogues By Professor, Berlin

These Money Heist quotes and dialogues by Professor, Berlin, and others will steal your heart.

Money Heist is a Spanish television crime series (also known as La Casa de Papel and The House Of Paper) created by Álex Pina. The plot of the series is about a group of eight people who plan to rob the Royal Mint of Spain, printing money that will be in circulation in four days.

Money Heist Motivational Quotes

The series is very well received by the public and received several awards including the International Emmy Award for Best Drama Series at the 46th International Emmy Awards. It has been considered Netflix’s most successful original drama to date.

The show has gained popularity due to its unique plot becoming the most-watched non-English language series on Netflix in early 2018, without any marketing campaign and within 4 months of being added to Netflix.

Money Heist was initially made as a limited series to be told in two parts. It was first to run on a Spanish network called Antena 3 from 2 May 2017 through 23 November 2017. Netflix purchased its global streaming rights at the end of that year and re-cut the series into shorter episodes to release them on Netflix worldwide.

The series had a total of 5 seasons and is mainly filmed in Madrid, Spain.

So here we are sharing a collection of Money Heist quotes and dialogues by Professor, Berlin, Tokyo, and many others for you to enjoy.

Money Heist Professor Quotes

“The plan is designed to survive any setbacks, including my death.” – Professor

“You’re the sexiest woman in the world but I love you for your brains.” – Professor

“I’m offering you resurrection, A second life.” – Professor

“I do not want to ignore this, this desire that I feel alive because I’ve never had so much.” – Professor

“Weakness is not in us, it is in what we have outside.” – Professor

“Sometimes, a truce is the most important part of a war.” – Professor

“When someone is in love, they look through rose-tinted glasses. Everything’s wonderful. They transform into a soft teddy bear that’s smiling all the time.” – Professor

“Maybe we’re all immature to some extent.” – Professor

“Time is greater than money.” – Professor

“In this world, everything is governed by balance. There’s what you stand to gain and what you stand to lose. And when you think you’ve got nothing to lose, you become overconfident.” – Professor

Money Heist Tokyo Quotes

“In heists, love can get multiplied.” – Tokyo

“In the bathtub, I told you to break up with me, But I didn’t say my last words, You’re not leaving here without me.” – Tokyo

“Hope is kind of like dominos. Once one falls – the rest follow.” – Tokyo

“In the end, love is a good reason for everything to fall apart.” – Tokyo

“There are always happier days to remember. And the more fucked up things are, the happier those days seem to be.” – Tokyo

“The good thing about relationships is that you finally forget how they started.” – Tokyo

“I believe you keep on living in the final thought you have the moment before you die.” – Tokyo

“Run, close your eyes and endure.” – Tokyo

“They say love can move worlds but the truth is, hate can be just as strong.” – Tokyo

“So when the chaos happens, I always think about when I was the happiest, So I’ll stay and live in those memories forever.” – Tokyo

“But eventually, there comes a time when you stop and all the pain washes over you, And you feel like there’s nothing you can do to make it disappear.” – Tokyo

La Casa De Papel Quotes And Dialogues

“I knew I had to run faster than ever before, so the grief couldn’t catch me.” – Tokyo

“Something ends today, But now is the first day of your next life. You’ve gotta live a lot of lives, my love.” – Tokyo

“The most important moments are the ones that make you realize there’s no turning back. You’ve crossed a line, and you’re stuck on the other side now.” – Tokyo

“Things we can’t see affect our lives much more than we think.” – Tokyo

“That’s nostalgia- finding out moments from the past, even if we didn’t realize it at the time, were true happiness.” – Tokyo

“A lot of people believe we only find one true love in our lives, But what they don’t realize is that you can have several lives.” – Tokyo

“When you hit rock bottom, you still have a way to go until the abyss.” – Tokyo

“Betrayal doesn’t depend on how much or how deeply you love someone. It depends on the magnitude of the dilemma put in front of you.” – Professor

Money Heist Berlin Quotes

“My love, the things that actually matter in life always come unexpectedly.” – Berlin

“First times are so special. But the last times are beyond comparison. Priceless. But people don’t usually know it.” – Berlin

“What I don’t want is for you to die before you’ve ever lived.” – Berlin

“Believe me, I’ve had five divorces. Do you know what five divorces are? Five times I believed in love.” – Berlin

“I’ve spent my life being a bit of a son of a bitch, but today I think I want to die with dignity.” – Berlin

“Death can be the greatest opportunity of your life.” – Berlin

“Death is simply just a word, a priority. It comprises everything that doesn’t exist. On the other hand, once you’re dead, you won’t remember you were alive.” – Berlin

“Now you know that you’re really one of us, So, next time, you can leave all of that arrogance and moral superiority behind and never call me a cynic ever again.” – Berlin

“I never took you to play tennis, or to ride a bike uphill, or to go rowing someplace because doing that wouldn’t teach you something you already know.” – Berlin

“We’re the ones who are going to make art, This heist will be unforgettable.” – Berlin

“Only a true thief feels like he owns someone else’s property.” – Berlin

Money Heist Best Quotes In English

“If you really want something in life, you have to steal it from someone else. That’s the story of the world, my son.” – Berlin

“The things that are really important in life, Rafael, have a price, Rebellion, Liberty, Ideals.” – Berlin

“No matter how tough things get, children always turn out okay.” – Berlin

“I’ve spent my life being a bit of a son of a bitch, but today I think I want to die with dignity” – Berlin

“Do you know that in horror movies there is always a brave guy who always thinks: “I will not last long”?” – Berlin

“I think I’d like people to say that they shared things with me, But you know, like something that’s real, Like, for instance, friendship.” – Nairobi

“Let the matriarchy begin.” – Nairobi

“You don’t love anyone? Of course, you don’t, darling. You don’t have the balls for it. To love, you need courage.” – Nairobi

“Just having friends isn’t enough, You gotta really feel them.” – Nairobi

“What you have to do is make those suckers see what you are capable of. Show them you are not scared.” – Nairobi

Money Heist Motivational Quotes

“Everything can go to hell in less than a second.” – Nairobi

“Don’t fall in love in a heist. It only brings bad luck.” – Denver

“We’re up against the ropes, But we’re not gonna end up in the morgue.” – Lisbon

“My dad also thinks he screwed up my life, but I love him to death.” – Julia

“Back in those days, whenever a man was dressed up as a woman on TV, it was just a big joke, just for people to laugh.” – Julia

“I think the natural state of parenthood is just plain confusion.” – Julia

“And at the end of the day, it’s not about doing everything the right way, it’s about loving.” – Julia

“Dignity is all we have left.” – Bogota

“Sometimes during the World Cup finals, you know which team is gonna lose by the look of fear in the players’ faces as they sing the anthem.” – Palermo

“Life goes on.” – Julia

“Revenge is a selfish act.” – Palermo

“Don’t pretend to be someone else, You’ll never be one of them.” – Arturo

“What I needed was someone to believe in me.” – Julia

“You don’t just want money to buy things, You need money to be free, Freedom’s expensive.” – Rene

“The past is in the past and it doesn’t really make sense to keep bringing it up, so that’s it.” – Rafael

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