50 Motivational Quotes About Life By Shivi Sharma

We all know sometimes it is difficult to move forward or find our purpose in life but we must thrive in life and move forward no matter what. So here we are sharing some motivational quotes about life by Shivi Sharma to bring out some positive changes in your life. Let’s find out a few things about Shivi Sharma first.

Shivi Sharma is a CA student and a passionate writer. She is full of life with the crazy attitude of writing. She believes in making everyone laugh with her presence but writes like there is a hole in stars. The pain in her writing is so high, sometimes it feels this world doesn’t know how to fly.

She writes what she sees in the eyes of many people, as the louder voice of silence. She believes there are people who suffer a lot with many things in life but remain silent. So she wants to be the voice of pain.

For her, it’s all about life and emotions with pain and a lot. She writes more about life, to regain and make a frame of substitute for negativity. It’s more about understanding the people and motivate them, and these quotes are the way to hug the people who are in need.

So here are the 50 Motivational Quotes About Life By Shivi Sharma. We hope you will like it.

Motivational Quotes About Life

1. “To the filmy mood to
The broken shoes.
Wiping my heart out
And freezing to my dreams like moon
I m laughing for sec and
Crying in pain without any mood
To the filmy mood to
Broken shoes.” — Shivi Sharma

2. “Laughter dies,
Emotions are high
I m blind
But want to shine.” — Shivi Sharma

motivational quotes about life

3. “I may cry in alone but I know how to fight with negative and toxicity.” — Shivi Sharma

4. “Somehow we all are fighting with the darkness but few bring the lights to themselves and for others.” — Shivi Sharma

5. “Wet pillow and scares
Just remind me of the shades of dark.” — Shivi Sharma

motivational quotes about life

6. “Built things and life beautiful and unbreakable.” — Shivi Sharma

7. “Don’t worry about past and future
Just work for your present
And make it as a present for your future.” — Shivi Sharma

8. “Positive and negative state of mind
It’s your choice.” — Shivi Sharma

motivational quotes about life

(No one tells you to think or speak negatively about anyone
It’s your choice.)

9. “Dear life
I want to fight
No matter how hard you will
I will never stop smiling.” — Shivi Sharma

10. “It’s okay
If a day is bad
It’s okay
If you aren’t feeling good
It’s okay up to that day
But the next day is a new day.” — Shivi Sharma

(Can you please try to forget the bad part of your life on the next day with a bright smile?)

motivational quotes about life

Inspirational Quotes About Life and Struggles

11. “Don’t ever hate yourself
Otherwise, you will see every eye is hating to you” — Shivi Sharma

12. “You need to fight every day
With your pain” — Shivi Sharma

(Smile to heal yourself).

Inspirational Quotes About Life and Struggles

13. “Nothing is permanent
Especially your bad time.” — Shivi Sharma

14. “Today’s warriors are fighting in isolation
To be something big in the future.” — Shivi Sharma

15. “It’s life
It has 2 sides
One where you are crying
And another waiting for your big smile.” — Shivi Sharma

Inspirational Quotes About Life and Struggles

16. “Life can’t be easy without your love towards it.” — Shivi Sharma

(Life is waiting for you
Don’t give up your hopes).

17. “Enjoy your every moment
So that you are self-motivated.” — Shivi Sharma

(Work hard so that someone take your name in history class).

18. “Dear love
  The story became annoying
Where love is not truly determine
The trust is the only bridge
Where they have to climb.” — Shivi Sharma

(Nothing was like love but everything was not yet dead.)

Inspirational Quotes About Life and Struggles

19. “Positivity is like the sun in life
It will make everything visible and bright.
Negativity is just like the night
Hide hopes and dark every site.” — Shivi Sharma

20. “I was searching for my happiness within you
While I was alone.” — Shivi Sharma

Inspirational Quotes About Life and Struggles

Quotes About Life Being Hard

21. “Dear life
Depressed situation on both side
It looks like nothing was alive
But The story didn’t get its end
Both are inseparable frame
Still, they are together but alone
Unhappily together in Frame!” — Shivi Sharma

22. “He came
We talk
He hold
We blush
He ask
We laugh.” — Shivi Sharma

(Illusion! )

Quotes About Life Being Hard

23. “Failed so many time
Complain about the situation
And started work again
Failed again with a preferable situation.” — Shivi Sharma

24. “You should not regret what you did or what happened to you! Just you need is the suppression of your emotion.” — Shivi Sharma

25. “I m ready to wrap my soul
With the bandage of your love.” — Shivi Sharma

Quotes About Life Being Hard

26. “Only physical attachment isn’t necessary. Be someone’s mental attachment.” — Shivi Sharma

27. “If you cannot fulfill someone’s expectations
Please don’t commit to them.” — Shivi Sharma

Quotes About Life Being Hard

28. “My people aren’t my people. They don’t appreciate, hold, and take me to relief And I do know the pain
And the reason is to know them.” — Shivi Sharma

29. “Not a sorry
Not a romantic love
Not an expensive gift
Not even an explanation
We just need a simple conversation!” — Shivi Sharma

30. Love is blind.
And You should realize,
Mental health should be advised.” — Shivi Sharma

Quotes About Life Being Hard

Daily Motivational Quotes

31. “Don’t know what I compose,
That I really impose!” — Shivi Sharma

32. “I love to sleep close to you
No matter day or night
I love to hug you
No matter minutes or hours
I still miss you!” — Shivi Sharma

Daily Motivational Quotes about life

33. “I was a happy kinda child
Now feeling deadly inside
Crying with the laughter of pain beside
I have a broken life.” — Shivi Sharma

34. “Few people are so damaged from inside
But laughing like a mad, crazy child.” — Shivi Sharma

35. “Life became weirdo
For a few people
Who actually has an ambitious goal
But stuck with their own mental problems.” — Shivi Sharma

Daily Motivational Quotes about life

36. “Working with anxiety
Loading and buffering thoughts
No patience
And tearing on the way of roads
Sadistic to sarcastic
The life moves on
Hence I archived to be alone.” — Shivi Sharma

37. “Ohh, Dear!
Let’s see good things instead of defaming only.
Because I m still on your mind
And your heart is always past in mine.” — Shivi Sharma

38. “Coming back from his dreams to reality
Misunderstood the words he used in the poetry
Tried to reflect like it
Unfortunately became the reflection of his brokenness
Unfortunately!” — Shivi Sharma

39. “Hopes are like a mirror
Where you look extra chubby but cute though
But to see hopes you need to open your positive eyes.” — Shivi Sharma

40. “I never understand what is an expectation
I never found any Foundation of expectation
Is thinking about self-respect is the expectation? Sorry but I stand for self and respect, I m sorry I have an expectation.” — Shivi Sharma

Daily Motivational Quotes about life

Inspirational Life Quotes

41. “Life is putting challenges back to back without providing preparation time.” — Shivi Sharma

42. “Something which changes the overall concept of mind processing is broken up with the expectation of life.” — Shivi Sharma

43. “Emotion of pain override the fragrance of love!” — Shivi Sharma

44. “Why we have distance…? Because
You being in a relationship with domination,
Instead of being with equality.” — Shivi Sharma

45. “It’s hard to love, When there is no door of respect.” — Shivi Sharma

Inspirational Life Quotes

46. “P rule of life”
Planning never work in hards
But prepared for everything works all the time.” — Shivi Sharma

47. “At each morning I used to say thank you, Lord, thank you for obstacle and struggles. At least because of problems, I m connected with you on a regular basis. And The connection between me and you becoming special day by day.” — Shivi Sharma

48. “Frame of mind should be worthwhile for cheerful existence.” — Shivi Sharma

49. “Attachment to God
Results into spiritual growth.
Attachment to animals
Results into helping and humanity nature.
Attachment to a particular person
Results into detachment from their own soul.” — Shivi Sharma

50. “Darkest sight of a writer life – Even the soul can’t understand the rigid feeling of the inner corner” — Shivi Sharma

Inspirational Life Quotes

Which of these Motivational Quotes About Life was your favorite?

Life is all about ups and downs and these ups and downs only make a person stronger. We hope that these Motivational Quotes About Life will inspire you to live, laugh and love. Use these quotes to inspire yourself and others too.

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