150 Best Peter Pan Quotes & Sayings About Life, Neverland

These Peter Pan quotes about growing up, death, goodbye, and neverland will put a smile on your face.

Peter Pan is a fictional character created by Scottish novelist and playwright J. M. Barrie. The character first appeared in Barrie’s 1902 novel The Little White Bird and was later adapted for the stage in 1904. In the play, Peter Pan is a mischievous boy who can fly and never grows up. Peter Pan has become a cultural icon and has been featured in various media, including books, films, television series, and other works of fiction.

James M Barrie Peter Pan Quotes

Peter Pan is a story about a young boy who never wants to grow up and spends his time flying around with the Lost Boys and his fairy friend, Tinkerbell. He has many adventures, but the one thing he wants more than anything is to return to Neverland and stay there forever.

Even though the adventures of peter pan were magical but they were also somewhat bittersweet because while he will always be a carefree boy but Wendy Darlings knows that she and her rothers will inevitably grow up. So the story of peter pan always brings up the mix-up emotions of sweet and melancholy of childhood.

Here we are sharing a collection of Peter Pan quotes about growing up, death, goodbye, and neverland for you to bring out the memories of your childhood.

Peter Pan Quotes

“Now, think of the happiest things. It’s the same as having wings!” – Peter Pan

“Well, I’m certainly proud of you, you blockheads.” – Peter Pan

“I do believe in fairies. I do! I do!” – Peter Pan

“Wendy, Wendy, when you are sleeping in your silly bed you might be flying about with me saying funny things to the stars.” – Peter Pan

“Stop playing and help me find my shadow! Shadow … shadow …” – Peter Pan

“There was not a pocket between the four of them.” – Peter Pan and Wendy

“I forget them after I kill them.” – Peter Pan

“You don’t think I would kill him while he was sleeping! I would wake him first and then kill him. That’s the way I always do.” – Peter Pan

“They drew near the Neverland; for after many moons they did reach it.” – Peter Pan

“All are keeping a sharp look-out in front, but none suspects that the danger may be creeping up from behind.” – Peter Pan

Peter Pan Quotes About Growing Up

“There is a saying in Neverland that every time you breathe, a grown-up dies.” – Peter Pan

“Don’t grow up, it’s a trap.” – Peter Pan

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.” – Peter Pan

“All it takes is faith and trust, oh! and something I forgot: dust.” – Peter Pan

“One girl is worth more than twenty boys.” – Peter Pan

“Jack, Maggie, all you have to do is think one happy thought, and you’ll fly like me.” – Peter Pan

“Don’t you understand, Tink? You mean more to me than anything in this whole world!” – Peter Pan

“It’s easy! All you have to do is to… is to… is to… Ha! That’s funny.” – Peter Pan

“Chomped at me the other night at the window.” – Peter Pan

“Girls are much too clever to fall out of their prams.” – Peter Pan

Peter Pan Quotes and Sayings

“When pirates and lost boys meet, they merely bite their thumbs at each other.” – Peter Pan

“Dark and sinister man, have at thee.” – Peter Pan

“Keep adventuring and stay not a grown-up.” – Peter Pan

“Boy, why are you crying?” – Peter Pan

“So come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned. Just think of happy things and your heart will fly on wings forever in Never-never land.” – Peter Pan

“Wendy’s enough.” – Peter Pan

“Yyyyyyyup, just a little bit of pixie dust.” – Peter Pan

“I say, Captain, do you hear something?” – Peter Pan

“For the last time, Mr. Smee, take the princess back to her people.” – Peter Pan

“Do you know why swallows build in the eaves of houses? It is to listen to the stories.” – Peter Pan

Peter Pan Quotes About Flying

“I taught you to fight and fly. What more could there be?” – Peter Pan

“Oh, the cleverness of me!” – Peter Pan

“Mr. Crocodile, do you like codfish?” – Peter Pan

“What a pity, Mr. Smee. I’m afraid we’ve lost the dear Captain.” – Peter Pan

“Oh, I should like very much to cross swords with some real buccaneers.” – John

“I’ll show you this ghost has blood in his veins.” – Captain Hook

“I’ll think of a mermaid lagoon, underneath a magic moon.” – Wendy

“The poor captain has a splitting headache. We mustn’t annoy him.” – Smee

“Now, now, now, Captain, just relax. What you need is a shave. A nice soothing shave. There, now.” – Smee

“I think I had a mother once.” – Lost Boys

Peter Pan Movie Quotes

“Yes, Miss Bell, Captain Hook admits defeat. Tomorrow, I leave the island, never to return.” – Captain Hook

“In time they could not even fly after their hats. Want of practice, they called it; but what it really meant was that they no longer believed.” – J.M. Barrie

“Captain, the ice is melting, the sun is out, the flowers are all in bloom.” – Smee

“Wow. Two dead already.” – Smee

“You wouldn’t do ol’ Hook in now, would you, lad? I’ll go away forever.” – Captain Hook

“That cursed Peter Pan, making a fool out of me.” – Captain Hook

“So, you want a splash, Mr. Starkey? I’ll give you a splash!” – Captain Hook

“Oh, Smee, the way of a man with a maid; taking the best years of her life and then casting her aside like an old glove!” – Captain Hook

“He’s giving an oration in sign language.” – John

“Did you say that Pan has banished Tinkerbell?” – Captain Hook

Peter Pan Book Quotes

“Blast that Peter Pan. If I could only find his hideout, I’d trap him in his lair.” – Captain Hook

“I wouldn’t want this to go any further, but the cook told me that the first mate told him that he heard that Pan has banished Tinker Bell.” – Smee

“Years rolled on again, and Wendy had a daughter. This ought not to be written in ink but in a golden splash.” – J.M. Barrie

“If you cannot teach me to fly, teach me to sing.” – J.M. Barrie

“Sometimes, though not often, he had dreams, and they were more painful than the dreams of other boys. For hours he could not be separated from these dreams, though he wailed piteously in them. They had to do, I think, with the riddle of his existence.” – J.M. Barrie

“A moment after the fairy’s entrance the window was blown open by the breathing of the little stars, and Peter dropped in.” – J.M. Barrie

“The poor captain has a splitting headache. We mustn’t annoy him.” – Smee

“Old. Alone. Done for.” – Captain Hook

“Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.” – J.M. Barrie

“To die will be an awfully big adventure.” – J.M. Barrie

James M Barrie Peter Pan Quotes

“She staves off the altar with a hatchet.” – J.M. Barrie

“To sit still seemed to him such a comic thing to do.” – J.M. Barrie

“Her wings would scarcely carry her now, but in reply, she alighted on his shoulder and gave his nose a loving bite.” – J.M. Barrie

“When the first baby laughed for the first time, its laugh broke into a thousand pieces, and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies.” – J.M. Barrie

“After you have been unfair to him, he will love you again, but he will never afterwards be quite the same boy. No one ever gets over the first unfairness…” – J.M. Barrie

“Stars are beautiful, but they may not take part in anything, they must just look on forever.” – J.M. Barrie

“Would you like an adventure now, or would like to have your tea first?” – J.M. Barrie

“Dreams do come true, if only we wish hard enough. You can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it.” – J.M. Barrie

“I don’t want to go to school and learn solemn things.” – J.M. Barrie

“But in her dream, he had rent the film that obscures the Neverland, and she saw Wendy and John and Michael peeping through the gap.” – J.M. Barrie

Peter Pan Quotes About Neverland

“Oh, Mary. Of all the impossible, childish fiddle-faddle, Peter Pan, indeed.” – Mr. Darling

“Look alive, you swabs! We’ve got him this time, Mr. Smee.” – Captain Hook

“He had carried Tinker Bell part of the way, and his hand was still messy with the fairy dust.” – J.M. Barrie

“Children have the strangest adventures without being troubled by them. For instance, they may remember to mention, a week after the event happened, that when they were in the wood, they had met their dead father and had a game with him.” – J.M. Barrie

“…children know such a lot now, they soon don’t believe in fairies, and every time a child says, ‘I don’t believe in fairies,’ there is a fairy somewhere that falls down dead.” – J.M. Barrie

“You need not be sorry for her. She was one of the kind that likes to grow up. In the end, she grew up of her own free will a day quicker than the other girls.” – J.M. Barrie

“I say, Wendy…always if you see me forgetting you, just keep on saying ‘I’m Wendy,’ and then I’ll remember.” – J.M. Barrie

“Wendy saw the shadow on the floor, looking so draggled, and she was frightfully sorry for Peter.” – J.M. Barrie

“Wendy loved to lend her bracelet to her mother.” – J.M. Barrie

“Wendy had lived such a home life that to know fairies struck her as quite delightful.” – J.M. Barrie

Peter Pan Quotes About Goodbye And Death

“For many moons, red man fight paleface Lost Boys.” – Indian Chief

“Sometime, you win; sometime, we win.” – Indian Chief

“Poor Nana. Oh, yes, poor Nana. But poor father? Oh, no.” – Mr. Darling

“But the years came and went without bringing the careless boy, and when they met again Wendy was a married woman, and Peter was no more to her than a little dust in the box in which she had kept her toys.” – J.M. Barrie

“Faint hearts never won, Fair Lady.” – J.M. Barrie

“You killed Rufio, you kidnapped my children. You deserve to die.” – J.M. Barrie

“I don’t know how there was room for them, but you can squeeze very tight in the Neverland.” – J.M. Barrie

“Tink agreed to travel by hat if it was carried in the hand.” – J.M. Barrie

“It is quite impossible to say how time does wear on in the Neverland…” – J.M. Barrie

Best Peter Pan Quotes And Famous Lines

“It was dreadful the way all the three were looking at him, just as if they did not admire him.” – J.M. Barrie

“Turn us loose? You mean this is only a game?” – John

“When the first baby laughed for the first time, its laugh broke into a thousand pieces, and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies.” – J.M. Barrie

“No! No, Mr. Skunkhead with too much mousse. You are just a punk kid. I want to speak to a grown-up!” – J.M. Barrie

“Little boys should never be sent to bed. They always wake up a day older.” – J.M. Barrie

“All of this has happened before, and it will all happen again.” – J.M. Barrie

“I’m youth, I’m joy.” – J.M. Barrie

“It all seemed so natural to Wendy that you could not dismiss it by saying she had been dreaming.” – J.M. Barrie

“Wendy had danced with joy, just as the real Mrs. Darling must have done.” – J.M. Barrie

“Of all the delectable islands the Neverland is the snuggest and most compact.” – J.M. Barrie

Famous Peter Pan Quotes And Phrases

“I mean it! Young lady, this is your last night in the nursery!” – Mr. Darling

“Absolute poppycock!” – Mr. Darling

“I told him all along you Indians wouldn’t betray Peter Pan.” – Smee

“But, Captain, wouldn’t it be more humane-like to slit his throat?” – Smee

“Next year he did not come for her. She waited in a new frock because the old one simply would not meet, but he never came.” – J.M. Barrie

“Can anything harm us, mother, after the night-lights are lit?” – J.M. Barrie

“He looked at her uncomfortably; blinking, you know, like one not sure whether he was awake or asleep.” – J.M. Barrie

“Captain! Oh, dear! I’ve never shaved his ghost before!” – Smee

“Well, Captain. It’s nice to see you smiling again. Brings back the good old days when we were leading a healthy, normal life, scuttling ships, cutting throats.” – Smee

“Begging your pardon Miss Bell, but Captain Hook would like a word with you.” – Smee

Peter Pan And Love Quotes

“Fairies have to be one thing or the other because being so small they, unfortunately, have room for one feeling only at a time.” – J.M. Barrie

“You find a glimmer of happiness in this world, there’s always someone who wants to destroy it.” – J.M. Barrie

“There are many different kinds of bravery. There’s the bravery of thinking of others before oneself. Now, your father has never brandished a sword nor fired a pistol, thank heavens. But he has made many sacrifices for his family and put away many dreams.” – J.M. Barrie

“On these magic shores children at play are forever beaching their coracles. We too have been there, we can still hear the sound of the surf, though we shall land no more.” – J.M. Barrie

“Wendy, haven’t I warned you? Stuffing the boys’ heads with a lot of silly stories?” – Mr. Darling

“He says… “Peter Pan… mighty warrior… save Tigerlily… make big chief… heap glad.” – John

“Oh, we had such a wonderful time! Well, except when we were kidnapped…” – Wendy

“We had lots of fun with Tinker Bell, and the mermaids, and Peter Pan! Oh, he was the most wonderful person of them all! And then we called him a codfish!” – Wendy

Peter Pan And Tinkerbell Quotes

“Well, at last, Captain Hook’s comin’ to his senses.” – Smee

“I’ll teach you how to jump on the wind’s back, and then away we go.” – J.M. Barrie

“I suppose it’s like the ticking crocodile, isn’t it? Time is chasing after all of us.” – J.M. Barrie

“Nothing, precious, they are the eyes a mother leaves behind her to guard her children.” – J.M. Barrie

“Why, Captain, cutting your hand off was only a childish prank, you might say.” – Smee

“And he would’ve had you by now, Captain, if he hadn’t swallowed that alarm clock. But now, when he’s about, he’d warn you, as you might say, with his tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.” – Smee

“You know that place between sleep and awake where you’re always dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you. That’s where I’ll be waiting.” – J.M. Barrie

“You’re not old enough to shave! What are you doing flying with a sword? And flying around… this is an insurance nightmare!” – J.M. Barrie

“Dash it all, Nana, don’t look at me like that. It’s nothing personal, it’s just that… well, you’re not really a nurse at all, you’re… well, a dog. And the children aren’t puppies, they’re people. And sooner or later, Nana, people have to grow up.” – J.M. Barrie

“If growing up means it would be beneath my dignity to climb a tree, I’ll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up! Not me!” – J.M. Barrie

Captain Hook Quotes And Sayings From Peter Pan

“Aye but throwing it to that crocodile! That cursed beast liked the taste of me so well he’s followed me ever since, licking his chops for the rest of me.” – Captain Hook

“Mermaid Lagoon? No, we’ve search that. And we’ve combed Cannibal Cove.” – Captain Hook

“Here! No. No, no, no, that’s Indian territ… But wait. Those redskins know this island better than I do me own ship. Ah, I wonder.” – Captain Hook

“Ha-ha-ha! You wouldn’t dare fight old Hook man-to-man. You’d fly away like a cowardly sparrow!” – Captain Hook

“A jealous female can be tricked into anything.” – Captain Hook

“Why you doddering imbecile, I…” – Captain Hook

“Come, Smee, we must leave immediately. We’ll surround Peter’s home…” – Captain Hook

“And now, Smee, to take care of master Peter Pan.” – Captain Hook

“Yes, yes. A hop, skip, and a jump across Crocodile Creek and then nor’ by nor’east, one, two, three…” – Captain Hook

“Feeling that Peter was on his way back, the Neverland had again woken into life. We ought to use the pluperfect and say wakened but woke is better and was always used by Peter.” – J.M. Barrie

Peter Pan And Wendy Quotes

“And then… we sailed away on a ship in the sky.” – Wendy

”It is so naughty of him not to wipe his feet.” – Wendy

“Oh no, he isn’t grown up, and he is just my size.” – Wendy

“I’m so happy, I think I’ll give you a kiss.” –Wendy

“You can’t stick it on with soap, Peter! It needs sewing. That’s the proper way to do it.” – Wendy

“The only sound I hear is like a tinkle of bells.” – Wendy

“Never is an awfully long time.” – Wendy

“I’ll think of a mermaid lagoon, underneath a magic moon.” – Wendy

“Squaw no get ’em firewood! Squaw go home!” – Wendy

“After all, one can’t leave his shadow lying about and not miss it sooner or later, don’t you agree?” – Wendy

“Why, Peter, a mother’s someone who loves and cares for you and tells you stories.” – Wendy

Did you like these Peter Pan quotes?

The character of Peter Pan was later adapted into a movie both a fantasy adventure film & an animated movie and that made it a timeless classic. The Disney classic animated movie was released in 1953 and the Peter Pan adventure movie was released in 2003 directed by P.J. Hogan and written by Hogan and Michael Goldenberg.

We all have watched it more than a dozen times when we were kids. Whether you see this Peter Pan movie yesterday or years before, just thinking about it can take a flight down the memory lane.

Peter Pan’s animated movie earned $40 million upon its original release. Peter Pan’s story is worth watching no matter what form you choose. We hope after reading these Peter pan quotes, you will feel the urge to read or watch its whole story again and may even wish to share it with your friends and family.

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