11 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Die

Here we are discussing What 11 questions to ask yourself before you die?

There are so many things to do before you die and so many questions to ask yourself before you die.

Death is not important. Life is. Let’s talk about the life you have lived or what are the questions to ask yourself before you die.

questions to ask yourself before you die

What was the worth of my life?

We often ask ourselves if this life is worth living or we lived our life the way it will be worthful. I often ask myself why are we not spending each of the seconds we live to make it worthwhile. Why not do something every day which helps us find worth in it?

I guess this is the way we should we living our lives so that in the end, when we ask it to ourselves, we know that it was totally worth it.

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Did I love well?

We all love so many people in a lifetime in different ways. We love some as a human, some as a family and some as lovers. But often due to disputes or afraid to lose them, we choose to keep our love ourselves. We start trading love instead of giving it unconditionally.

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At the end of our life, we will ask ourselves if the people we love in this life, Did I love well to them or I was just afraid to my own fears and fears of losing them that I hide most of my love in my own heart.

So, why not we start giving love, spreading love now than thinking about it at your last time.

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Did I live well?

How did I live? Was I a villain or a hero? A positive human or negative influence? Was I a giver to this humanity or I only fulfill my needs in this world? These types of questions you may be thinking at your last time.

It is my dream to be remembered as a hero of humanity in this world. Each day I make my choices and actions wisely. Did I live well? What can I do to make better choices? I hate regrets so whatever I do, I like to do after thinking about it thoroughly.

thinking about life questions to ask yourself

Where do I want to live?

I live where my soul feels at home. It should not a well-furnished house. It can be just a room surrounded by the few people I am in love with. Those people are my family.

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This may not be my last day yet but whenever it will be, I want it to spend here with the few people I love. I want to spend my last days of life in my home.

Where do I want to live  questions to ask yourself

What do I still want to accomplish?

There are so many things in life that a person wants to accomplish. This can be a big house, a lot of money, a favorite car and many more things. The list of things you want to accomplish can be endless. But at the end of your life, do these are things you really will be happy to accomplish? Definitely not.

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I want to accomplish something which brings a change to the world or just a few of others’ life. I want to change my life to bring change in the life of others. Sometimes I want to change the rules of society. How there is gender discrimination. Poverty is there. There are so many things like that.

You should also think about the things you want to accomplish and start working on them now rather than think about it and regret your last days.

thinking about goals in life  questions to ask yourself

Is there is anything I regret?

There are so many things and decisions in life we have made that we regret. It can be anything. It can be saying a few hurtful things out of anger or it can be doing something just to simply hurt someone.

Regret can also be in the form of a person. I always try to make my decisions carefully so I don’t regret it later. Living life fully conscious can help you to make your life better. Better be conscious now than regret later.

thinking of regrets in life  questions to ask yourself

What is life’s purpose?

The purpose is something that helps you to get you out of your bed. Which motivates you to live. Everyone should have a purpose and if you don’t, you should seek it and find it. It gives you hope for a living. It makes you more than just a consumer of oxygen. It gives you life so you can give someone else or help them their purpose in life.

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what is your purpose in life  questions to ask yourself

What have I added to humanity?

As I was growing up, I was a member of a community that helps to clean the place and helps to throw the trash that has been lying in the pubic area. We would be instructed to pick up trash that we would see as we walked to anyplace.

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This was a great type of character building. Cleaning the place, you go through helps in cleaning the character you carry through this world. The clean world is a happy world. So, we all should do something for humanity rather than just sitting on a couch and playing a video game. Do something now when you can rather than thinking and wondering about it when you can’t.

What have I added to humanity

Who do we need to forgive?

There is no doubt many of the people close to you have let you down, disappointed you, and did something to hurt you. Some of them might have abused you, stole from you, or even lied to you.

Who do we need to forgive?  questions to ask yourself

What adventures do I need to live?

There will be always time for one last adventure. That is all we keep saying but in this busy and day-to-day, we never get the chance to live an adventure.

In 1972 my grandfather returned from the Korean conflict by plane.  He did not get on a plane again until he was in his 70s.  He hated flying.

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But he wanted to feel fully alive so not only did he fly to the east coast he went parasailing with my cousin.  That is a great life.  Adventures show us that we are alive.  We need more of them before we die.

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How will I be remembered?

People who are closest to me know me well. Some of them think I am a good person. But is that all I want? Is this the only way I want to be remembered? Some days I think it is enough and the other days, it is not.

What I really want to be remembered is as a human who spokes through thousands of lives. Whose identity and living brings a change to the world. And If this is really the way I want to be remembered than I have a lot of work to do in this life of mine.

This Abraham Lincoln quote is a beautiful one. Telling us to be yourself but never stop doubting yourself. Always challenge yourself to become a better person.

abraham lincoln quotes

You have this day. Right here and right now. So instead of waiting for that moment, start asking yourself now the questions to ask yourself before you die and choose those moments to be a focus on other important things such as the people you are surrounded and the body you live in. live well.