47 Best Ratan Tata Motivational Quotes On Life & Success

These Ratan Tata motivational quotes will inspire you to never give up on your dreams.

Ratan Tata Biography

Ratan Naval Tata is born on 28 December 1937 is an Indian industrialist, philanthropist, and a former chairman of Tata Sons. Born in Mumbai, he is a descendant of the Tata family. Son of Naval Tata, who was later adopted by Ratanji Tata, son of Jamsetji Tata, the founder of Tata Group.

He graduated from Riverdale Country School in New York City in 1955. After that, he completed his B.S. in Architecture from Cornell University before returning to work in India. Later, he also attended the seven-week Advanced Management Program of Harvard Business School in 1975.

Best Ratan Tata Motivational Quotes

In 1961, Ratan Tata joined his company and work on the shop floor of Tata Steel. In 1991, when Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata retired and he became the apparent successor.

Ratan Tata has been the chairman of Tata Group, from 1990 to 2012, an interim chairman, from October 2016 through February 2017. He has been rewarded by India’s top civilian titles such as Padma Vibhushan (2008) and Padma Bhushan (2000).

Ratan Tata Net Worth In Rupees: Ratan Tata’s net worth is Rs 8418 crore in Indian rupees.
Ratan Tata Age: Born on 28 December 1937 (83 years old) in 2021.
Ratan Tata Wife: He was never married.
Ratan Tata Son: None.

Here we are sharing a collection of Ratan Tata quotes for you to get motivated and know that you can achieve anything in this world.

Ratan Tata Motivational Quotes

“Deal with the crisis in such a way that you can hold your head high and sleep well at night.” ― Ratan Tata

“To set an example, one has to make one’s own way.” ― Ratan Tata

“None can destroy iron, but its own rust can. Likewise, none can destroy a person but his own mindset can.” ― Ratan Tata

“I have also made this a point in our company: We need to stop taking baby steps and start thinking globally. It really seems to be helping.” ― Ratan Tata

“Businesses need to go beyond the interest of their companies to the communities they serve.” ― Ratan Tata

“I came seriously close to getting married four times, and each time I backed off in fear or for one reason or another. Each occasion was different, but in hindsight when I look at the people involved, it wasn’t a bad thing what I did. I think it may have been more complex had the marriage taken place.” ― Ratan Tata

“The Internet has opened a highway for commerce, which is being used today by new-age startups and will also be used by the old business when it suits them.” ― Ratan Tata

 “The strong live and the weak die. There is some bloodshed, and out of it emerges a much leaner industry, which tends to survive.” ― Ratan Tata

“The day I am not able to fly will be a sad day for me.” ― Ratan Tata

“I felt a bit defeated. But I think you never quit under those circumstances. You feel like quitting, but you don’t.” (During hard times even for Tata) ― Ratan Tata

Ethics Ratan Tata Quotes

“At Tatas, we believe that if we are not among the top three in an industry, we should look seriously at what it would take to become one of the top three players. Or think about exiting the industry. ― Ratan Tata

“The memories of personal sacrifices, loyalty and individual acts of heroism will always remain in my memory, to reinforce the great sense of pride I have in having been a member of this team.” ― Ratan Tata

“I would say that one of the things I wish I could do differently would be to be more outgoing.” ― Ratan Tata

“There are many things that, if I have to relive, maybe I will do it another way. But I would not like to look back and think what I have not been able to do.” ― Ratan Tata

“Ups and downs in life are very important to keep us going because a straight line even in an E.C.G. means we are not alive.” ― Ratan Tata

“Some entrepreneurs talk of a high burn rate, high advertising rate, and so on, with no outcome, so it doesn’t impress me. But an entrepreneur who has that kind of a feeling of responsibility towards his investors is somebody who will have all my support.” ― Ratan Tata

“If we dispense with some of our self-made boundaries, India can really take its place in the world as an economic power. It hasn’t happened because we, sadly, don’t look at ourselves as Indians but as Punjabis or Parsis, unlike the Americans. Don’t make such boundaries.” ― Ratan Tata

“Deal with Crises in such a way that you can hold your head high and sleep well at night.” ― Ratan Tata

“Challenges need to be given to an organization.” ― Ratan Tata

“I’m the non-executive chairman of nine or so major companies, and on the nine companies, it’s a little trying because you jump from one industry to another, as the case might be. But one had the reasonable knowledge of those nine activities, and it’s been an exciting job.” ― Ratan Tata

Ratan Tata Quotes In English

“Take the stones people to throw at you. And use them to build a monument.” ― Ratan Tata

“Young entrepreneurs will make a difference in the Indian ecosystem.” ― Ratan Tata

“I do not know how history will judge me, but let me say that I’ve spent a lot of time and energy trying to transform the Tatas from a patriarchal concern to an institutional enterprise. It would, therefore, be a mark of failure on my part if it were perceived that Ratan Tata epitomizes the Group’s success. What I have done is establish growth mechanisms, play down individuals and play up the team that has made the companies what they are. I, for one, am not the kind who loves dwelling on the ‘I’. If history remembers me at all, I hope it will be for this transformation.” ― Ratan Tata

“After I retired, it seemed to me that there was a whole new world out there, which was a digital world driven by a marketplace, basically, which had a huge potential driven by handheld devices, which would one day become the virtual retail store of India.” ― Ratan Tata

“Don’t be Shy at 4 Things:
– Old Clothes: Because your clothes don’t define your talent.
– Poor Friends: Because there is no status in friendship.
– Old Mom Dad: Because what you are today is because of them.
– Simple Living: Because Success can’t be judge by appearance.” ― Ratan Tata

“A person who is trying to copy others will be a successful person for a while, but he won’t be able to succeed further in life.” ― Ratan Tata

“I don’t believe in taking the right decisions. I take decisions and then make them right.” ― Ratan Tata

“If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together.” ― Ratan Tata

“I am proud of my country. But we need to unite to make a unified India, free of communalism and casteism. We need to build India into a land of equal opportunity for all. We can be a truly great nation if we set our sights high and deliver to the people the fruits of continued growth, prosperity, and equal opportunity.” ― Ratan Tata

“I admire people who are very successful. But if that success has been achieved through too much ruthlessness, then I may admire that person, but I can’t respect him.” ― Ratan Tata

Ratan Tata Quotes On Life, Success

 “All of us do not have equal talent. Yet all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents.” ― Ratan Tata

“Don’t be serious, enjoy life as it comes.” ― Ratan Tata

“Flying, I continue to be involved with it. I love flying, and I hope to keep doing it so long as I can pass my medicals and stay proficient.” ― Ratan Tata

“If there are challenges thrown across, then some interesting, innovative solutions are found. Without challenges, the tendency is to go on the same way.” ― Ratan Tata

“I have always been very confident and very upbeat about the future potential of India. I think it is a great country with great potential.” ― Ratan Tata

“If a founder has passion and innovation, he needs to be supported. I am more intuitive than a numbers person, and I recognize that not all investments are going to be positive. Some may fail, and some may have problems for other reasons. That is life.” ― Ratan Tata

“Powers and wealth are not two of my main stakes.” ― Ratan Tata

“People still believe what they read is necessarily the truth.” ― Ratan Tata

“A founder who is in for the short run or has no passion for the sector he is in doesn’t give me a great deal of comfort.” ― Ratan Tata

“I may have hurt some people along the way, but I would like to be seen as somebody who has done his best to do the right thing for any situation and not compromised.” ― Ratan Tata

Ratan Tata Quotes On Work Life Balance

“I am interested in what I earn, I am interested in my growth.” ― Ratan Tata

“Eat your food as your medicines. Otherwise, you have to eat Medicines.” ― Ratan Tata

“I think there are many honest businessmen.” ― Ratan Tata

“I will certainly not join politics. I would like to be remembered as a clean businessman who has not partaken in any twists and turns beneath the surface, and one who has been reasonably successful.” ― Ratan Tata

“As you grow older, you become everybody becomes – less inflexible and a little more accommodating.” ― Ratan Tata

“If it stands the test of public scrutiny, do it… if it doesn’t stand the test of public scrutiny then don’t do it.” ― Ratan Tata

“Apart from values and ethics which I have tried to live by, the legacy I would like to leave behind is a very simple one – that I have always stood up for what I consider to be the right thing, and I have tried to be as fair and equitable as I could be.” ― Ratan Tata

Did these Ratan Tata quotes inspire you?

Did you know that Tata is a supporter of education, medicine, and rural development, and is considered a leading philanthropist in India? Tata also worked with a university to develop capacitive deionization to provide proper water facilities for challenged areas.

Other than the highest civilians awards, he has got different business awards for his business and leadership skills. In 2011, Ratan Tata stated, “I came close to getting married four times, and each time I backed off in fear or for one reason or another.” He also stated that he loved a girl in Los Angeles while working there. His family member was ill so he had to return to India but the girl’s parents did not allow her to go to India with him. So he stood by his commitment and never married. That’s one of the reasons why Ratan Tata never married and had no son. We hope these Ratan Tata quotes will motivate you to become a leading businessman like him and follow your dreams.

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