Why Can’t You Manifest Your Desires?

We all have heard or read about the law of attraction and try to apply it in our lives but did you ever succeed? Many people fail at this because they don’t have the proper knowledge. So let’s find out what you can do to manifest your desires properly and what is it you are doing wrong that is stopping you to achieve everything you desire.

Ever had a dream in life that you really wanted or a goal that you desperately want to achieve?

We all have been at a place in our life where we have a wishful goal and we were working for it. Some goals in life were easy to achieve where we work and got the results.

But there were other goals where we try to manifest our desires but faced failure. Let’s take an example if a person wants to lose weight to be healthier but there are a couple of thoughts in the back of their mind such as if they lose weight they would have to buy new clothes or if they want to lose weight they have to leave their favorite foods. These kinds of thoughts can destroy their plans.

Law of Attraction Quotes to Manifest Your Desires

The main reason behind it is that we may really want something but our mind believes in something else. The belief could be so attached to you that you are unaware of its presence. Like, We can desire millions of dollars but right within your subconscious mind, you may have a belief that money is not spiritual or it may change you.

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Or you may be bored with your job and wanted to start your own business but you don’t find yourself capable or good enough to start it.

You may think that your beliefs do not play an important role in your life and you can still fulfill and manifest your desires despite them. But that’s not true.

The thing is when our conscious beliefs and thoughts do not match our subconscious mind’s beliefs, we don’t manifest the things we want but the things our minds believe in. So it is true that our thoughts do not live in our heads rent-free. They have to pay the price.

Contradictory beliefs can come to us in many forms such as limiting beliefs, unhelpful thoughts and sabotaging behavior so we send quite confusing signals to the universe. All these conflicts make it very difficult for the universe to manifest the things we desire.

There are also some other difficulties you can face while manifesting your desires such as lack of confidence and fear of change.

Fear of change is one of the most common and natural human fear that tries to protect us from possible unforeseen dangers. Still, can you imagine how difficult it will be for you to manifest your desires when your mind stops you every time the change is taking place in your life?

Another reason can be because you feel undeserving of the things you desire because you have low self-esteem or maybe you struggle with perfectionism. In short, you are settling for less and selling yourself short.

In simple language, we all know that our greatest enemy is none other than ourselves that stops us from the abundance of things we can achieve in life.

Our subconscious mind is one of our greatest enemies and friends that controls up to 85% of our life.

So what can we do to overcome all these problems? We could go through all the issues and problems with ourselves that are stopping us to fulfill our desires one by one and rectify them. We can also try to change our subconscious thoughts by giving ourselves daily affirmations that we deserve to achieve our goals.

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We can remove our fears by facing them and working on them. All these techniques can do wonder if you decide to work on them seriously.

We hope this article helps you to find out what is stopping you to achieve your goals and apply these techniques to get results.

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