What Is Self-love and How To Start Loving Yourself?

Self-love is the new trend. People often ask and suggest to you that you should love yourself more, you should start loving yourself if you want to heal but nobody tells you how to love yourself or what actually self-love is.

What is Self-love?

Self-love is not a destination; it’s a journey. Self-love is the foundation on which we build a joyful life. Without self-love, we have no place to put the love and affection that comes to us.

“Self-love requires you to be honest about your current choices and thought patterns and undertake new practices that reflect self-worth.” – Caroline Kirk

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How to start loving yourself?

There is no perfect time or a memo that can teach you how to start loving yourself. And there is no proper way to do it. It is a long and daily process and some acceptance of yourself is needed in the way.

Loving yourself is an inside job.

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We often find ourselves trick into “If he/she loves me back. I will love me more. Or if I have that house, job, car, and salary, I will start loving myself then” but self-love does not work like that.

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When we love others it’s like you love them for who they are. You love their flaws. You forgive their mistakes. You accept whatever they offer and you take them however they are. With all their good things and bad things.

Self-love is just the same and the only person who is in a relationship is you; with yourself. When you start a new relationship with someone, it takes time to get to know them, and falling for them comes later. The same thing applies to self-love.

You need to start a new relationship with yourself in it. You need to learn and focus on yourself. You need to see all your flaws and focus on all your strengths and weakness.

And after that, you need to accept yourself with all of it with love. Accept everything you have to offer yourself with love.

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This is the best example in which I can explain the process of loving yourself.

If you think you are unable to love yourself then you are wrong. Everyone can do it. Just because some people take more time to learn something than others it does not mean they are unable to do it. It is just some things that are more difficult for someone as compare to another person.

I have shared with you the process above how you can love yourself. These things start with small steps. Start doing these little things in your daily life to start loving yourself again.

There are some ways to show respect and love to yourself and this life are –

  • Wake up and smile.
  • Forgive yourself for being human
  • Help others who are in need.
  • Ask for help. Don’t be shy
  • Enjoy every kind of emotion.
  • Do what makes you happy and keep doing it.
  • Do what you need to do to be you.
  • Acknowledge the flaws, embrace them
  • Pamper yourself
  • Appreciate yourself
  • Learn to say NO
  • Spend some alone time and with nature
  • Maintain your boundaries
  • Pay attention to your body and soul
  • Respect yourself and your opinions
  • Laugh at yourself
  • Don’t depend on other people
  • Care as much about yourself as you do for others
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Try to love and forgive the people you love, the people who loved you. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you have done when you were younger. Life is undefinable and you are limitless so don’t limit yourself. Keep going. Never give up. Keep smiling and make others too and yes, don’t forget to live. Live a little for yourself too.

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You are commendable. In case you’re despite everything perusing this unexpectedly composed piece, that implies that you’re despite everything looking for certain answers.

Always remember, however, that all that you are searching for is within you as of now. Your main responsibility is to discover what’s blocking you from taking advantage of that inside light and love. Furthermore, crush it with a hammer.

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Life is undefinable and you are limitless so don’t limit yourself. Keep going. Never give up. Keep smiling and make others too and yes, don’t forget to live. Live for yourself.

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Because today, I love myself. Completely and totally. What’s more, I welcome you to allow yourself to feel the equivalent about yourself. It’s really a beautiful feeling.

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